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My wife, Madeline, and I started this nude beach. It was a big change, so you could relax. No children and nude adults. I've always wanted to see my wife take some other type, but that was the best that could wait. had beautiful breasts, those that were full, but still stood out. Due to the cool breeze on the beach her ​​nipples were erect. I had trimmed her pubic hair to be only a small triangle of dark hair prefect. when men pass by who stopped and looked at them with pleasure and appreciation in his eyes. Of course, their tails, they are exposed. I would ask if you feel mporn this or that. Only answer is not enough that I did all these people are exposed ? was a beach bar, and we'd go there after having enough of swimming and naked. I like shorts with nothing underneath only. My wife would wear bikini top, shorts and nothing else. The bar had a jute box and people were dancinge. In this day there was an elderly couple sitting at the bar. We ask our drinks and sat down beside her. We talked about how good it was to be naked on the beach. The man turned to my wife and asked, do not you think all men the mporn opportunity to see their nakedness tuirned. My wife just shrugged. After a few drinks. The man gave us a joint. We have a few bumps. It was powerful I could feel immediately. He asked my wife to dance. It was a slow number jute box. As he danced with his hands in his shorts to the bare ass. his wife, saying he had not touched me. He pushed his hand down my pants and play with my naked growing stiff cock. The man and my wife returned to the counter. He raised his bridle to stop breastfeeding my wife. I was surprised he did not resist. began to suck her nipples. However, not stopped. After a minute mporn or so passed his hand under her shorts and began to masturbate. Meanwhile, his wife mporn masturbating I was out of to get ready. My wife has these little moans as her orgasm reconized. Too I let go and shot my load in my pants. The other couple asked if we had a great time. You said they were happy with us please. They did not want anything in mporn return. We several times since then on the beach. We have never seen again. The truth is that this is really happening.
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